North Natomas Flyer Heroes

In the beginning there was traffic congestion, but deep beneath the noxious gases heroes emerged. Commuting downtown on the Flyer Shuttle saves money and punches out traffic. By riding the Flyer, local heroes combat evil smog and protect our air.

Meet our heroes!


50 Bikes for 50 Kids 2017

Thanks to the 924 total hours of dedication put forth, our community has helped youth build confidence, a community-minded mentality and a new way to embark on their path to independence and a sustainable future.

Very special thanks to Trapeze Ltd. for creating this video for us. Check them out.


goTOGETHER: Project Ride Smart

Project Ride Smart is a 5th grade driver's education program - for bikes. This comprehensive bicycle safety program teaches traffic principles and on-bike handling skills. The 10 hour course culminates with street rides where students apply what they have learned to their local neighborhood streets - giving them the knowledge and experience to travel safely to and from school. Project Ride Smart is taught by certified bike instructors.


goTOGETHER: How to Use the Flyer Shuttle Bike Rack

Each Flyer Shuttle is equipped with a fold-down bike rack that can accommodate up to three bicycles.

Why bring your bike?

  • One-way commuting
    • Take the shuttle to work in the morning, and enjoy a leisurely ride home in the afternoon.
    • Ride in the morning for an energy burst to start your day.
    • Weather or needed bike maintenance prohibits your ride home.
  • Use bike during the day to run errands, attend meetings around town, or enjoy a recreational ride during lunch.
  • Extend your commute - bike to your workplace from the Flyer Shuttle's downtown loop.


goTOGETHER and Walk to School

Our goal is to make walking and biking to school the safest and easiest choice for children and their families. Our programs support the development of safe, healthy children while reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality.

Benefits of walking or biking to school:

  • Improves health and well-being.
  • Improves student's academic performance, concentration and behavior
  • Improves student's self-confidence and independence
  • The more families walk and bike to school, the safer it is around schools
  • Reduces traffic congestion and pollution around schools
  • Great way to increase positive social interaction for kids, parents and the community
  • It's fun!


goTOGETHER with the Flyer Shuttle

Each weekday morning and afternoon, the Flyer runs peak-period scheduled routes between North Natomas and the downtown hub. Why ride? The Flyer is:

  • Easy to use
  • Neighborhood-friendly -- 22 and 28 passenger shuttle buses
  • Bike-friendly -- bike racks on commuter shuttle buses
  • A convenient link with other transportation options, such as RT, cycling, or walking
  • An opportunity to meet your neighbors
  • A great alternative to driving alone and helps you save the costs of operating your vehicle
  • Free on Spare the Air Days


goTOGETHER on Neighborhood Bike Rides

Everyone knows cycling is good for your body, but it's also great for your mind and social life! Neighborhood bike rides are a great way to make friend and meet your neighbors, and with cycling clubs of all levels out there anyone and everyone can get in on the fun.


goTOGETHER by Bicycle Commuting

Tips on commuting by bicycle from North Natomas bike commuters on Bike to Work Day.


goTOGETHER with Bike Doc

Check out our Bike Doc, a mobile bike service station! This unique bike is a mobile repair shop on wheels and will make heads turn. It is used at community, school, and business events to perform diagnosis, basic bike maintenance, and repair for community members.


50 Bike for 50 Kids

50 Bikes for 50 Kids is a community service event that matches 50 well-deserving youth with teams of volunteers to assemble a bike for each child.


Breathe California Clean Air Award

The North Natomas TMA was nominated for the 2011 Breathe California Clean Air Award for their programs, and won in the Community Group division. The TMA was nominated by David Baker, a Heritage Park resident and leader of our neighborhood bike rides and committee member of our Bike Rebate Committee.