Photo of employees holding Bike Month tshirts

Let NNTMA be your resource and ease some of the burden of coordinating a transportation program with your employees.

Enhance your HR Package

Our programs will reduce single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips, that will save money for you and your employees through tax incentives (IRS Code 132(f)), gas savings and other transportation cost savings.

Employee Transportation Survey

Nearly 80% of employees commute to work alone. The NNTMA can conduct a survey to identify the overall transportation needs of your employees and make suggestions on how to reduce their SOVs.

Business Roundtable

There’s power in numbers. We will facilitate collaborative meetings to address transportation issues, with your business in mind.


We support initiatives and host programs that improve transportation options throughout North Natomas. Building partnerships through advocacy helps the businesses in our community.

Rideshare & Walk/Bike Programs

Reducing the stress of commuting improves employees’ production at work. Our subsidies and incentives will encourage participation from your employees. Employees who commute via alternative means are eligible for six Emergency Ride Home trips a year.

Earn-A-Bike Program

This program provides individuals who live or work in North Natomas with the opportunity to participate in a hands-on bicycle course to earn $450 toward a new bicycle.

Visibility on NNTMA Website

You will be recognized on our website as a partner that supports progressive transportation and contributes to a healthier environment. In addition, as one of our business partners, you will receive discounted or complimentary sponsorship opportunities at our community events.

Bike Doc Program

Bike Doc is a pop-up bike repair station armed with experts to help your employees adjust, fix and inflate their bikes to keep them riding. Pop-ups can be set up at your business location, on your schedule.

Grant Program

Transportation Improvement Grants can be used for an innovative improvement like a community bike fix-it station, electric vehicle charging station, marketing campaign, retail incentive for walkers/bikers or bike parking improvements. Grants are available for up to $10,000 with a 10% business match.

Lunch & Learn Workshops

We can bring a variety of transportation experts and, of course lunch, to your office. Topics range from bike etiquette and safety, to learning about vanpool and carpool opportunities, and so many others. Topics can be determined by the interests of your employees.