May is Bike Month School Program

Ride Your Bike
During the Month of May!

May is Bike Month is a regional effort to ride over 2 million miles during the month of May. This program encourages people to choose bicycling for all types of trips, including work, school, errands, and recreation. 

How can my child participate?

  • Students will record their trips everyday on their classroom’s logsheet. All trips can be logged, including those to and from school, as well as for errands and trips just for fun!

1 trip = 10 minutes riding

All participating students earn prizes weekly!

What schools are participating?

  • H. Allen Hight Elementary
  • Heron School
  • Leading Edge
  • Natomas Middle School
  • Natomas Park Elementary
  • NP3 Middle School
  • PFAA
  • Regency Park Elementary
  • Westlake Charter School
  • Witter Ranch Elementary

Please encourage and support your child to ride their bike this May!