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Each school has a specifically designed set of programs, events and activities that support the school community in providing a safe, healthy option for getting kids to school. Below are examples of programs available at each site.


School Programs

International Walk to School Day (iWalk)

Celebrated in October, this international event gives children, parents, teachers and community leaders an opportunity to be part of a global movement to celebrate the many benefits of walking. For more information about the movement on a national level, visit


This month long walk to school campaign celebrates and awards children for walking to and from school. Students receive a tracking sheet to record the number of times they walk to and from school during the month. Students are challenged to use their feet instead of their cars and all participants are recognized and rewarded.

Bike Doc School Events with Low Cost Helmet Sales

Our Bike Doc program repairs North Natomas bicycles, for free, at school based events. Hard-working, professional Bike Doc mechanics are dedicated to ensuring students and their families have safe and rideable bikes by fixing flats, aligning brakes and doing repairs as needed at local school events throughout the spring season. Bike Doc events at school sites also offer low cost helmet sales, where new, quality helmets are provided for the subsidized rate of $5.

Skateboard Rack Installation

In an ongoing effort to promote healthy forms of transportation, the NNTMA, in partnership with Natomas Unified School District, has installed brand new skateboard/scooter racks on several North Natomas school campuses. Both Heron and Natomas Park Elementary schools received the storage devices - a hybrid of shelving units and miniature lockers. The storage additions are a way to make riding a scooter or skateboard convenient and secure. A total of three racks were installed on each campus, and can hold 10 skateboards or scooters.

Trip Scanner

All 3rd through 8th grade students at participating schools that walk, bike, scoot or skate to school will receive a free, sneaker shaped barcode tag that gets scanned each walking program day. Students earn virtual money, “Boot Bucks”, each time they scan in that can be redeemed at a student store for prizes. In addition, parents can register their student’s tag for free, on this page, to receive notification by text, e-mail or voice mail when the student has arrived on campus!

Year-round walk to school program (Walking Wednesdays, Two Feet Tuesdays etc.)

This year-long focus emphasizes active transportation, (walking, biking, scooters) as a preferred way to get to school. Elements of these programs might include:

  • professionally created walk and bike map for surrounding the school area,
  • parent led walking school buses and drop off points,
  • on-going distribution of small prizes to incentivize students,
  • traffic enforcement strategies,
  • advertising campaigns

Bicycle Programs and Trainings

Project Ride Smart

Project Ride Smart is a 5th grade driver's education program - for bikes. This comprehensive bicycle safety program teaches traffic principles and on-bike handling skills. The 10 hour course culminates with street rides where students apply what they have learned to their local neighborhood streets - giving them the knowledge and experience to travel safely to and from school. Project Ride Smart is taught by certified bike instructors.

May is Bike Month

May IS Bike Month at schools in North Natomas. As a part of a regional wide campaign to challenge residents in the 6 county Sacramento area to ride two million or more miles during the month of May, the local school promotion challenges children to travel by  bike as much as they can, and is a centerpiece of springtime promotions. Children gear up to participate through school assemblies, safety education and friendly competition. In 2014, seven of the ten participating North Natomas schools ranked among the top ten schools in the region. For more information, visit


Safety Education

Bike Rodeo

This event is a skills and safety course for children using their bicycles to maneuver around objects, become familiar with potential hazards, and reinforce rules of the road. Meant to accompany a more comprehensive safety education program, and be paired with a helmet fitting and parent safety workshop, this event is best suited to increase excitement in the school community for cycling and add to bike culture at the school.

Pedestrian Safety Instruction - For First and Second Grades

This two lesson safety instruction focuses on skill development and awareness of how to cross at intersections and personal safety. The first lesson is classroom based, while the second lesson is a short walking field trip to practice what they learned in the classroom by navigating the neighborhood streets around the school.


Parent and Community Workshops

How to Teach Your Child to Cycle

Thirty minute to one hour training based on the League of American Bicyclist training, Kids 1. This informative presentation educates parents on the correct messages and techniques to use while teaching their children to ride and be safe.

Bike Fit and Tune

Did you know that a bicycle, like a pair of pants, can have a right and a wrong fit? This event is designed to teach children and parents what to look for in a properly fitted bike, and what adjustments to make for a more comfortable and safe ride. In addition, basic maintenance is performed. This service may be paired with a larger event, like a bike rodeo or helmet fitting, or may be a special addition to another community event.