Trip Scanner

Regency Park Elementary  •  Two Feet Tuesdays

H. Allen Hight Elementary  •  Walking Wednesdays

Natomas Park Elementary  •  Walking Wednesdays

Westlake Charter School  •  Walking Wednesdays & Fridays

Star Academy  •  Tennis Shoe Thursdays  

Heron School  •  Footloose Fridays

 Witter Ranch Elementary  •  Footloose Fridays


About the Program

All 3rd through 6th grade students at participating schools that walk, bike, scoot or skate to school will receive a free Trip Scanner tag.  Each Walk and Bike to School program day, students’ barcodes will be scanned and they will earn virtual money called Boot Bucks.  Students can spend their Boot Bucks on amazing prizes at the Boot Buck Store, which will be set up four times during the school year.


Don’t forget to register your Trip Scanner tag! 


  • Recover Boot Bucks if your Trip Scanner tag is ever lost                        

  • Parents can receive a text or e-mail notification when their student arrives on campus and scans in

How to Register:

1.) Select your school from the drop down menu

2.) Fill out the online form and hit the “register” button

3.) Print, sign, and return the registration form to the Walk and Bike to School program table


Check Your Stats

Everyone can use this page to follow their school’s efforts to promote student health and reduce their carbon footprint through active transportation. Click the Check Your Stats tab, and select your school


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register the tag for my child to participate?
No.  All students that walk, bike, skate or scoot to school can participate.  All participating students will receive a free sneaker-shaped barcode tag to earn “Boot Bucks”.  However, the benefit of registering your tag is that students have the ability to track statistics about their trips, such as: number of trips to and from school, calories burned, total distance traveled, and estimates of environmental and monetary/fuel cost savings.  Also, parents/guardians are able to opt in to receive a text, e-mail or phone call when their child has scanned-in on campus.  In order for your child to register their tag to take full advantage of the benefits, we must first obtain your consent as a parent or legal guardian. 

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  • Check Your Stats
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