Flyer Heroes

Super Susan

Flyer Rider since 2008

Susan has been a loyal Flyer Shuttle hero for eight years. She has made this her daily work week routine because it saves money on gas and parking. She knows when she is riding the Flyer she can sit back, relax, and not have the stress of driving in commuter traffic each day. For Susan, it has been a win all around, but she especially “…enjoys meeting her friends on the Flyer.”






Wonder Cora

Flyer Rider since October 2016

Cora enjoys riding the Flyer Shuttle three days a week to her job downtown with the Department of Social Services. She knows she is helping the environment when she rides the Flyer because it takes her car off the road and out of downtown traffic. The NNTMA has even answered her biggest concern of getting stuck downtown with Emergency Ride Home, “If I have an emergency and need to leave work, I can get a free taxi ride home!”