Why I Ride

Meet North Natomas residents who choose to use the Flyer Shuttle. 

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Shilo Wilson

It is very easy to access the Flyer; it picks me up and drops me off so close to home. The shuttle routes are located throughout our neighborhoods so it’s a breeze to hop on wherever you live. I also love that the route times are much shorter than other forms of transit available in the area.

Riding the Flyer has enabled me to get to and from home faster so I can spend more time with my son and family. Riding the Central Route for the past year has provided me with extra time and money in my pocket so I can focus on the truly important things in life.

On top of all that, the drivers and other riders are so nice!


Bobbie Chevis

I started riding the shuttle about 3 years ago after parking downtown for many years. Riding into work in the morning, I realize how much of Sacramento I have a chance to see while on the shuttle. Just the other day, the river was more beautiful than usual – smooth as glass. With the Flyer Shuttle I can soak up the Sacramento landscape without distraction.

One of the best things about riding the Flyer is meeting so many of my neighbors. I refer to them as being my “bus buddies”. I truly believe our fantastic driver, Dee, is responsible for bringing everyone together. Dee pretty much knows everyone’s name and where they want to be picked up and dropped off. She calls us by our first names, knows the names of our pets and inquires about them. She really cares about her riders, which tends to bring everyone together. Our NNTMA shuttle is more like a small neighborhood of friends.


Shan Yee

I have ridden the Flyer Shuttle since 2004; first on the Central route, then I switched to the Eastside in 2009. My favorite benefit of the Flyer Shuttle is being able to save money, at least $200 per month, while making lots of friends. Monthly savings like that allows for the opportunity to save for nice gifts and vacations.

The Flyer Shuttle has benefits beyond my wallet too. If we want to breathe better air, and want our children and future generations to have cleaner air, we need to make a difference now. Taking the Flyer Shuttle instead of my car is one way I can have an impact on air quality. Not only is it good for the environment, but taking the shuttle instead of my car enables me to relax and enjoy the ride, something I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.


Christopher Rhodes

Walking helps with my cardiovascular system, which keeps me energetic and less dependent on coffee to jump start my day. Riding the Flyer increases my chances to walk during the week. A typical day starts with me riding downtown to the stop on 5th and P Streets, from there I walk the rest of the way to my office on 21st and Broadway, approximately 2 miles. I walk back in the afternoon, where I meet up with my wife and we both ride back to Natomas. I now walk 25 miles a week. I feel fit and it also keeps my weight in check. Sitting in an office all day doesn’t help my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Flyer does! The benefits are threefold: riding the Flyer decreases my stress levels by not dealing with the hassles of rush hour traffic, it assists me with my exercises during the week and it gives me the opportunity to make new friends with others who ride the shuttle.